About Me

I am

Zoltán Derekas

a professional football player from Hungary. I was raised in the youth teams of Ferencvaros and i got a professional sign here when i was 18. After that I spend 3 years on loan in the team Soroksar which is playing in the second division.

more Details

birth: 1998.09.19
nationality: Hungarian
position: Defensive midfielder

Height : 183cm
Weight: 73kg

 matches in Soroksár:

68 appereances (58 in the league, 10 in the cup)

3 goals, 5 assists

2015-2016: champion of the national third league with the second team of Ferencvaros

2016-2017: second in the national championship for under 19 players

2017-2018: 8th with Soroksar in the second league

2018-2019: 7th with Soroksar in the second league and 3rd in the Hungarian Cup

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